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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reason Behind It All

So in June, we were blessed with bouncing baby boy number 2! However, we were not blessed with the income needed to send both babies to daycare. The cost of sending children to daycare anymore is ridiculous. It was going to cost 3 times as much to send my children to daycare as it does for us to live in our home. Insanity.

So I quit my job.

Makes sense right? Well, we would actually have more money in the house if I quit and kept the kids home. I tried to make sense of it, but thanks to Obama, there really is no sense. It just is what it is.

So at the end of maternity leave, I found myself a newly minted stay at home mother. And boy was I not happy about it. I am not what you would call a Suzy Homemaker. I hate laundry (I often think about just throwing out dirty clothes), dishes are not my strong suit (we often eat off of paper and plastic) and my kitchen floor is routinely sticky (for reasons I am unsure of).

I immediately started looking for a job I could do after Daddy came home from his regular 8-5 job. I needed SOMETHING other than children, right? So I became a Home Health Aide. I was back in healthcare and could do this around my schedule with the kids. Best thing ever.

And then I actually went to work. I realized that getting up all night with the baby (because I didn't want Daddy to do it- he had to go to work), and then spending all day with the kids, and cleaning and cooking and grocery shopping and diaper changes and..... well being a mommy was tiring. Low and behold, I still had to go to work myself.

Now remember how I didn't want Daddy to get up because he was working? I seem to forget that I'm working too. I'm taking care of children. I'm cleaning the house. I'm doing laundry (although if anyone wants socks that match they will have to find them in the sock mountain). I am bathing squirming screaming children. If anyone has any doctors appointments, that's Moms job too!

By 9pm, I want to die. By 10pm, I have to be at my clients home. By 11:30pm when I get home I'm fairly positive I will die. At 4am when the baby wants a bottle I feel like I have died.

"But you get to stay home with the babies. How hard could that be? I would totally do it if I could!" say various friends and family.

Stay tuned for all the reasons why these people are no longer my friends.......