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Friday, February 28, 2014

Did I forget......?

Honestly, I used to be a huge drinker. And by huge I mean I would have qualified for a program somewhere. I got it under control, and kept it under control for the past 8 years.

TODAY, I'm seriously wondering how I haven't gone back to that.

I bought a calendar. My mother bought me one of those date books. I have post its. I have reminders on my phone. People mail me things.


In the past month, I have missed 2 meetings of little importance. I'm honestly afraid the next one I miss may be something really important. Because honestly, it's not like I pick meetings to miss based on importance. It just kinda happens. And to me, it happens a lot.

I used to blame my lack of retaining information on "pregnancy hormones" when I was pregnant with Child 1. Then I blamed it on being a new mom. Then I blamed it on getting a new job and being in charge of way too much. Then I blamed it on working too many hours. Then I blamed it on "pregnancy hormones" when I got pregnant with Child 2. Then I blamed being a mom of two.

Honestly, it's just me. I'll own it. I can not remember anything. I lose my phone. I lose my keys. I lose my keys often, and blame my kids. CHILD 1 AND CHILD 2 PLAY WITH THEM AND LOSE THEM ALL THE TIME!!!!........ This has happened a total of twice. Usually, I put them somewhere I won't forget them. And I forget them.

I forget to file paperwork. I blame Daddy for moving it. He must have put it in this bill pile because it clearly isn't on my paperwork pile. I put those piles together last Tuesday but it can't possibly be my fault.

I forget when Child 1 has meetings at school. They happen quite frequently so you would think I could remember. I have a set time for someone to come to my house every other week for Child 1. I still forget that. Sometimes I make up excuses, sometimes I say I forget. Depends on whether or not I'm in the mood for the look I get.

I make plans with friends and forget about somewhere else I said I'd be at the same time. I forget to do things around the house. Daddy asks me to wash his work jacket. I forget until he text messages me at 3 to ask if it's dry yet. I calmly say "No, it's still wet" and run to put it in the washer.

I forget to eat. People, this honestly happens. I get distracted by life. By going and doing and being responsible and being Mommy. I notice at 9pm that my stomach is growling. And when I think about it I realize the last thing I ate was that half a club cracker Child 2 didn't finish eating at 10 in the morning!

I forget to water my house plants. Thankfully, people know me well and gave me cacti. And some rather large leafy semi-trees that withstand even the largest lack of attention. And when I do remember to water them, I vow to remember not to let them go so long without water. Which reminds me, I haven't watered them in a week. I should do that today.

I forget to feed the pets. We have quiet pets. A hamster named Elephant and a turtle named Tuck. Child 1 reminds me to feed them and water them every night. Honestly, if it wasn't for Child 1, both pets would have perished.

Hopefully my lack of the ability to remember is helping to teach my children responsibility. Child 1 is the pet minder. Not because he needed a job, but because Mommy kills things. When Child 2 is old enough, I shall make him the plant minder. Not because he needs a job but because Mommy kills things.

Maybe I'm not an alcoholic because I keep forgetting to go to the liquor store!