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Thursday, April 3, 2014

My house....

You know, I try really damn hard to be everything I need to be on a daily basis. I am the sole care provider for a 9 month old child for roughly 60 hours a week (Daddy is in a salaried position and his job is not one that he gets the privilege of having set hours.) I am the sole person responsible for the management of a 5 year olds care as well. Coordinating appointments, meetings, school, out of school activities, you name it.

A lot of my life is taken up by kids. I knew this going into the whole stay at home mom thing. I just didn't realize how taxing it could be. One thinks about staying home with your kids as a day of cuddles and movies and sunshine. In reality, I clean up puke a lot more than I should have to, at least once a day I find shit on my clothing and immediately have to change, and yesterday, I took my son to school with someones breakfast in my hair. This is not glamorous. Nor is it fun.

Add onto that pile of fun the fact that at some point I'm supposed to clean and cook and shop! There are 2 slight problems with this equation.
1. I only have two hands.
2. There are only 24 hours in a day.

Something somewhere has to give. I have already given up most of my extras. I am never seen with anything but jeans and sweatshirts on. Most of the time I make time to shower, but I'm still not sure I remember to wash everything. The essentials get done. The clothes get washed, but not always folded right away. The dishes get washed, but usually end up staying in the drying rack far longer than most people want to admit to. My house is clean, but cluttered.

But you want to know what I do have done? I have a better relationship with Child 2 at this age than I did with Child 1. Sure, Child 1 loved me and I loved him. But I felt like we didn't get to spend enough time together. With Child 2, he clearly prefers Mommy, and we spend way more time together. I missed a lot with Child 1 due to working so much. I'm not missing anything with Child 2. Although there are days I miss working and want to go back.

My house will never make it on the cover of any magazines. It's clean sure, but that's about all I can say for it. I value spending time with my children much more than I value organizing my closets and making room for more stuff. So when you come here, please don't point out my flaws. I'm well aware of them.

Just be thankful I didn't answer the door with shit on my shirt......