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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Redecorating is a nightmare

Anyone else been here? Redecorating a house is pure hell. All I did was buy a new couch. That's all. I didn't buy a whole living room SET. I didn't redo the whole house. JUST A COUCH!

My entire house is now in shambles. Things I still want but don't work with my "new" living room are scattered around my first floor while I try to decide what to do with them. My trash bill is going to be enormous because I'm throwing out so much stuff.

What began as a simple "Honey, we need a new couch because ours is broken" conversation has turned into my nightmare. I think I will love the end product. I'm already super excited about what I want to see happen. I'm already in search of missing items, or in the process of building the missing items I need.

For someone whose house was stuffed to the max with shit I didn't need, is now slowly turning into something I'm kind of proud of. I will never be on the cover of Home and Garden Magazine. They tend to frown upon jelly covered coffee tables and random piles of toys. BUT, I will no longer look like a welfare daycare. Moving in the right direction.

Here's the catch, for a non-finisher, this redecorating thing is hard. I get distracted, or move on to new projects before I finish one. I'm a horrible redecorator. It's just not in me. I have the ability to do it, but not the follow through. If what I thought in my head just showed up in my living room one day, I'd be in heaven.

Someday I'll actually finish what I start. Someday I will be happy with what my house looks like. But it appears it won't be anytime soon. So for now, I'm going to go finish pushing furniture around and cursing.

I'm hoping to at least finish the living room today. Then I'll think about tackling the rest of the house. I am probably driving my family crazy. No one else who lives with me likes change. I crave it. We are in for a LONG summer.

Hopefully they keep their opinions to themselves, because even though the couch I bought is too big for the living room, I am in love with it. The old one is already out in the trash. Change is coming, people! Get used to it. :)