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Monday, March 17, 2014

A lot like Duck Dynasty

I came home from work and Duck Dynasty was on. Around here, we all love Duck Dynasty. We love Big Bang Theory too, but that show just doesn't relate quite like Duck Dynasty in this situation.

Today's episode was a rerun and it was the one where Miss Kay got goats. She needed a goat pen and called Willy. Willy was working and she said he needed to go over and take care of those goats and make a pen. Willy said he couldn't and her answer was a simple one. "Thanks. I love you. Bye." She hung up, and lo and behold, Willy went to do what she needed.

This is where the relatable part comes in. My mother is Miss Kay minus the squirrel cooking. She will need something done. She calls and says what she needs. The ending of the conversation typically goes in this fashion "I'll see you when you get here, honey." and the phone goes dead. She knows we will do it.

Sorry Mom, as I know you are reading this. But it is what it is. We all come to realize that when you ask for something, you aren't really asking. What you do is something that I'm currently working on perfecting. The asking in such a manner that everyone knows it isn't really a question of IF you want to, but WHEN you plan on doing it.

There is no part of me that wants to say no to my parents. As they get older, and I get older, I realize they need help with things. Hell, sometimes I need help with things I wouldn't have needed help with 10 years ago. But sometimes, just sometimes, the option of saying no would be nice. Instead, I act a bit like Willy does. I look at the phone after the hang up occurs, I put my phone in my pocket, shake my head and put on my jacket.

My parents have been unconditionally wonderful to me. They moved my family into their home for 3 months when they really didn't need to. They spend more money than they need to on our children. They give us left overs constantly. They take care of us. I like being able to repay the favor, mostly.

Ok, sometimes. I like doing it sometimes. Other times I do it because I have to. Karma and all that jazz.

The other person a lot like Miss Kay is my grandmother. She's the one who calls when she can't get anything designed after 1991 to work. She has a computer and a tablet and a phone. She needs help with all 3. Thankfully, she calls my mother. Or my Aunt. She never calls me. I'm too much of an ass to help her learn anything new. I can't do it without making fun of her. And she knows this. SO she doesn't ask me. Thanks be to God for that!

Hopefully, my mother never turns into her mother. Hopefully she just continues to call me and say "I'll see you when you get here." I can live with that for the next 30 years or so.

Besides, I always have the option of not answering the phone and pretending I'm taking care of the babies. ( I love you Mom).