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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I didn't realize I was going to need one of these. Apparently not everyone is on the same page I am. So, let's get it together people!

I am all about differing opinions. In case you missed it, I'm kind of a fan of a good argument. There's nothing better than debating a point with someone, unless of course you're wrong. But I applaud people who argue even when their wrong. There's something to be said for someone who so passionately believes a complete pile of crap. I am amused by this. It makes for good conversation.

That being said, a good social media debate is always interesting. Want to argue that vaccines cause Autism? Bring it on. Want to argue that Obama is the best president ever? I'll go with it. I simply like to debate things. It's in my nature.

This is where my disclaimer comes in. If your opinion is not my opinion, I will listen. I'll even possibly tell you when you make a good point. I may tell you when something you say is horrendously ridiculous. But I will never tell you that you can't have your opinion.

Let's respect that, and don't do it to me. I have an opinion on everything. Sometimes I share it. Often times I share it. I encourage you to listen, and call me out if you think it's something dumb. But don't belittle me, or anyone else on my pages. I like to hear what other people think. I like to listen too, when I'm not talking of course.

Listening has gotten me many ideas. I've gotten ideas for home improvement, parenting, I even got the idea to start this blog from friends. I figure if the way I share things makes people giggle, writing it down ought to be hysterical.

Take a minute to listen. You don't have to believe. You don't have to change the way you think of things. But, my lawd, shut your pie hole for a minute and LISTEN! You'd be surprised what you learn when your jaws aren't flapping. *This bit of advice does not count for me, I can't shut my mouth. It's hardwired to my brain, with no filter.*

I love you all. I really do. I love that you read what I write, I love that you text me to tell me what you think. I love that I get emails. I love it all. I would really love it if you could be respectful while you're doing it.

Treat other people how you would like to be treated. Simple as that. But let's make it fun while you're doing it. Throw in a joke or two. Do some research and make your friends feel a little dumb. Just make sure your facts are right, and that you aren't just being mean.

And when you win the debate, bring it up once a week for the next year. I promise, that's the most fun part.