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Saturday, March 8, 2014

How did that happen?


I really do, I don't just need to say it for show. These kids are my everything. They are my sunshine and my happiness.

They are also the reason for 90% of my headaches. I literally am not kidding. These kids are a handful.

Child 1 is a particular handful. Every day is a learning experience. I'm trying to make sure I follow the rules with that one, but when I finally get the rules established, Child 1 changes things on me. What worked last week won't work this week. What he loved doing just 2 days ago, is now a source of boredom.

I basically have to find new and interesting things to do all the time. We rarely repeat an activity. There's a downside to this. Mommy has to do all the prep work. And the research. And I've become a pintrest addict. Seriously, there are a million new things to do for bored kids on there. I just wish letting my bored kid look at them was enough.....

From the sounds of what we heard yesterday, Child 2 will be very much like Child 1. Yippee.....

This also means that all the fun stuff I do with Child 1, I will have to repeat with Child 2. While trying to get Child 1 to not be bored. Which will probably mean 2 projects at once. One for a little one, one for a big one.

Just the thought of 2 of them ganging up on me with their rationalities and their excuses and their crazy behaviors makes me cringe. I only hope that having the two of them working against me will encourage my doctor to prescribe me some kind of anti-anxiety medication. I'm gonna need it.

On a serious side note, I'm tickled pink that what was going on was not something serious. If it is what the neurologist thinks it is, we are in for a long few years, BUT it's a minor speed bump. And it's something we have done before.

So, it seems my dreams of going back to work soon have been sidelined. I am probably going to be a stay at home mom who works sometimes for a long time still. And I guess that's ok. Someone has to handle it all. I just wish some days it wasn't me.

Just once I wish I could go to work all day and let someone else deal with it all. But if it makes my kids the most successful and happy people they can be, so be it.

And I'm sure I'll have plenty more to write about with two little smart asses running around giving me hell. I just hope I'm coherent enough to be able to write it all down.