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Monday, March 3, 2014

The Bucket List Reveal!

Bucket List Checklist

The following list is the things I wish to accomplish by the time I turn 50. Enjoy, and feel free to add your own ideas and comments on things you want to accomplish!

  Run a 5K marathon

  Go bungee jumping. Try not to pee my pants.

  Fly on an airplane

  Dye my hair an obnoxious color for a week

  Get a tattoo

  Go to Alaska

  Go on a cruise

  Vacation in Hawaii

  Get married

  Take my kids to Disneyland

  Visit Universal Studios

  Go to Germany and see where my ancestors came from

  Build a robot. A really big robot.

  Own my own house

  Learn enough sign language to carry a full conversation

  Do something incredibly amazing and surprising for my parents that will shock them speechless

  Drive a car at 200mph. Try not to pee my pants.

  Write a novel.

  Travel across the country and see all the tackiest attractions I can find

  Learn how to snowboard

  Learn how to surf

  Finish knitting my blanket